When we’re leading busy modern lives, we still want to eat well. Here are five delicious recipes that you can cook in 30 minutes or less – leaving you time to manage your busy schedule.

Chicken & Black Bean Stir Fry

A hot wok adds a smoky flavour to any dish. Heat yours up and bring a stir fry together in no time with some chicken mince, asparagus and sugar snap peas. Try our recipe with ginger, black bean and spring onion for a mouthwatering weeknight dinner. 

Lemon & Pepper Chicken Nourish Bowls

A nourish bowl is easy to make with anything you have at home. Start with a base of grains such as brown rice, quinoa or soba noodles, add any vegetables you have in the fridge, and our oven-baked Lemon & Pepper Tenders. Top it off with a tangy Greek yoghurt sauce. 

Thai Chicken Mince Salad 

Lilydale Free Range Tribe member and renowned cook Hayden Quinn loves anything fresh and fast, such as his Thai chicken mince salad. Drizzled liberally with a punchy sauce, this is one satisfying dish. Make a large batch for grab-and-go lunches all week long – just be sure to keep the dressing separate so the salad keeps its crunch. 

Tip: The seeds of the chillies are the hottest part. Remove them if you prefer a little less heat.

Chicken, Mint & Asparagus Salad Wraps

Make these chicken wraps for lunch when you’re out and about – assemble them in just 5 minutes and enjoy the mix of crisp salad and juicy chicken. For an even faster meal, switch out the chicken tenderloins for our oven-baked Mexican Spiced Tenders.

Karaage Chicken with Pickled Salad & Jasmine Rice 

Think more elements means more time cooking? Think again. Our karaage chicken is best surrounded by an acidic pickled salad, creamy mayonnaise, zesty limes and fragrant jasmine rice. Best of all, you can make it in just half an hour.

Tip: Marinate the chicken the night before for a stronger flavour. That way, it’ll be ready to go when you are!