If you find yourself struggling to fit all of your tasks into your day, you are not alone. We all lead busy, modern lives and sometimes the balance between work and leisure gets thrown out. But with the average working Australian spending up to 91% of their week indoors, it’s time to make a change. The secret? Modifying a few of your daily activities and taking them outdoors.

Get up Early
There’s something special about being awake while your neighbourhood is still asleep. Get up just before dawn to watch the sunrise and then use the extra time to get active – something like a light jog is perfect. Waking up early saves you from that last minute rush to the door and allows you to be better prepared for the day ahead. It’s a win-win.

Make Use of Your Lunch Break
Utilising your lunch break to get outdoors keeps that pesky brain fog at bay and gives your mind some deserved clarity. We find that meal prepping before work makes it simple to grab and go – transforming your desk lunch into an alfresco adventure. You don’t have to go far: head to the park, go for a walk around the block, or enjoy the sun out on your balcony.

Take Advantage of Summer
We are extremely lucky in Australia to have extended periods of daylight during the summer – so don’t waste it! Trade your dining room table for a picnic blanket, or your TV for a local sporting event or outdoor music performance. You don’t need extra time; you just need to be smart with the time that you have.

Switch off
In an increasingly connected world, it’s now important to ‘switch off’ when you can. Stepping away from the emails, phone calls, text messages and endless notifications, even just for a while, can decrease stress levels and increase productivity when you get back to work. Replacing social media ‘scroll time’ with a gym class, some yoga in the backyard or a quick swim can leave us feeling a lot better. Want to take it to the next level? Commit to making all of your outdoor time tech free!

Live Free Range

Watch Film