If you’re lucky enough to have time off over summer we recommend going camping. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy nature than gathering your tribe, picking a spot and setting up camp for a few nights.

With the average working Australian spending an astonishing 91% of their week indoors, we believe it’s extremely important to join the free range and get outdoors. So, we’ve come up with some tips to make your outdoor adventure extra memorable – and give you something special to reminisce about when being indoors is unavoidable.

Be Active

Don’t just enjoy the view – be part of it! Take a kayak for a paddle along a winding river, hike through the cool shade of a rainforest or discover vibrant coral reefs with your snorkel. After all, we were meant for the outdoors.


While adventures to new locations with your nearest and dearest are lots of fun, it’s still important to take some time out for reflection. We find that late nights and early mornings are fantastic times to sneak off and quiet your mind for a little while. You could go star gazing, enjoy a cup of tea while appreciating the morning fog, or write a gratitude list. Draw, meditate, practice yoga – whatever brings you calm, joy, and clarity.

Eat Local

You’re already enjoying the splendour of nature by being outdoors, so why not really make the most of it? While on a camping trip, we like to eat local produce and experience the flavours of the region. Whether you’ve uncovered local honey, herbs or citrus fruit, you can get creative with your meals. Few things are as pleasurable as roasting a chicken over your campfire and preparing something delicious with your gathered natural delights.