By Tony Howell

We don’t realise that the hard work of Aussie farmers impact on our lives every day, in almost every meal we have. Now more than ever, it’s time we support our farmers - and by that, I mean making sure farmers are getting a fair price by purchasing local produce. When you buy local, you’re supporting local families and people, and that’s something very close to my heart.

More importantly than ever, we should start thinking deeply about where we source our
food, and make impactful choices at the supermarket. Making more conscious food decisions that both simultaneously support local farmers and don’t cost the earth make you not only feel better, but ultimately be better. My love and respect for local produce and consciously farmed foods mean supporting brands like Lilydale Free Range.

When you buy local, you know exactly where your food comes from, and you can ask questions about it. You’re connecting your food with the people who put in backbreaking work to bring it to you, and that’s a wonderful feeling. That’s one of the reasons why I choose Lilydale Free Range Chicken – not just because they have been grown, farmed and produced in Western Australia, but because I can feel good knowing that I’m supporting farmers who put their passion into raising these chickens and take pride in their welfare.

Australia has strict food accreditations like those audited by Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia (FREPA). Just as our fruit and vegetables need to meet certain standards, Lilydale Free Range chickens are raised by passionate farmers who follow stringent regulations. For example, their chickens are only fed the best nutritional diets, which include quality cereal grains, supplemented by natural vitamins and natural antioxidants. The chickens are given quality time to roam outdoors, scratch in the dirt, eat bugs in foliage and live a good life.

Let’s make sure to support local farmers and purchase WA produce. I’m so blessed to live in the Margaret River region and be surrounded by farmers and producers, many of whom have become friends. Buy West and eat best – it’s as easy that.