When the colder months come, it’s tempting to just hibernate indoors. But winter doesn’t mean you have to give up living free range. Get outdoors even when the temperature drops with these simple tips.

Start Small

There are small ways you can get outside even in cold weather. Walk instead of taking public transport or get out on your lunch break – the little things will help you make the most of living free range in winter. This Fattoush and Chicken Warm Salad is easy to make and only needs 15 minutes of cooking – then simply grab and go!  

Grab Some Friends

Recruit some fellow free rangers to join you on your journey. Take a trip to the snow, go star-gazing (the skies are clearer in winter than summer), or cook and enjoy a meal together. This means you can motivate each other to live free range. An added benefit is spending time with friends – which can be hard when everyone’s so busy!

Plan Ahead

It’s important to plan ahead if you are going on hikes or taking a day out in the wilderness. Ensure you have adequate clothing and water, and pack some nutritious food ahead of time so you’ll have sustenance while you’re on the trail. Try our Chia Wraps with Pomegranate and Moroccan Chicken for an easy carry-on lunch – the spice will warm you from the inside out!

Reward Yourself

Getting outdoors in winter can be hard. So don’t forget to reward yourself for braving the cold by refreshing your mind and your body. Wind down with a hot bath and a good book. Finish the day with a hearty meal like our Rustic Free Form Moroccan Chicken Pie or Indian Chicken Curry.