This time of year is perfect for hosting family gatherings where you can enjoy delicious food under the balmy night sky. Want to know one of our favourite parts about cooking for large groups? Enjoying the leftovers for days to come! If you have some extra Lilydale Free Range chicken and you’re wondering what new dishes you can create, we have the answer. These 4 leftover meal ideas are mouthwateringly tasty, nutritious and far more exciting than a simple sandwich.

Malaysian style chicken curry

Taking your leftover chicken, invite the exotic aromas of Asia into your kitchen with our Malaysian style chicken curry. First, lock in those flavours by making your own curry paste – just add eschallots, garlic, ginger, chilli and shrimp paste. Next, add lemon grass, star anise, palm sugar, fish sauce and coconut cream to your paste to create a mouthwatering curry sauce. It’s this fantastic blend of flavours- refreshing, citrus notes with spice and coconut- that really makes this a curry dish to remember. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes and once done, add your roast chicken leftovers and the delicious sauce you’ve created. Serve with rice and roti, and enjoy!

Fattoush and chicken salad

For anyone resolving to eat better in 2019, our fattoush and chicken salad is for you. Juicy vegetables like tomatoes and cucumber blend with a more Middle Eastern flavour by serving with warm Lebanese bread. For added spice, you can season your chicken leftovers in coriander and cumin, too. As a final touch, why not make your own salad dressing? We’ve devised a simple mixture that tastes fantastic with plenty of summers salads recipes. Just mix lemon and juice zest with tahini, honey and water. Delicious!

Apple and celery pasta slaw

If you’re in a rush or just fancy something quick, our apple and celery pasta slaw tastes delicious with added leftover chicken, and is on the table in just 20 minutes. This recipe is a step above your average pasta salad, combining tangy apple slices, crunchy celery, chopped chives and dijon mustard. The zesty flavours make it a refreshing summer dinner, but it also works well as a BBQ side dish.

Chicken okonomiyaki

The name of this one might be a mouthful (if you’ll pardon the pun!) but you won’t regret making our chicken okonomiyaki with any succulent chicken pieces you have left over. This Japanese savoury pancake is light, healthy and makes for a great lunch-time option. The fun part about this recipe is that once you’ve stir-fried your chicken pieces so that they’re piping hot again, you can mix in as many vegetables as you like to the pancake batter. From carrots and cabbage to green beans and mushrooms, the more healthy ingredients, the better. This gives you a great opportunity to use up your leftover vegetables, too. Once the pancakes have been flipped and cooked until golden brown, they’re ready to serve. As a final flourish, add mayonnaise, tonkatsu sauce, dried seaweed and bonito flakes for that extra punch of flavour.