The Queen Bee
Kelly Whitaker

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free range

Kelly has always been fascinated with the natural world around her and the way everything is reliant upon each other to survive. Remembering our interconnectedness puts life into perspective; it’s always worth getting in touch with the elements keeping us alive.

9:00am Cup of tea outside
10:00am Harvest hives

Feeling free in a big city

Despite living close to a bustling city, Kelly immerses herself in fresh air every day through the way of beekeeping. She starts with a cup of tea out on the balcony before strolling around the backyard harvesting honey. A walk in a pocket of bushland or trip to the beach are also often incorporated into her day.

To finish off, Kelly sits down to a mouth-watering dinner using fresh produce. A drizzle of honey over tender free range chicken drumsticks never goes astray.

2:00pm Bush walk
5:00pm Deliver produce to restaurants
Kelly Refuels with


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