Rob & Rowena Lisk

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free range

For Rob and Rowena, life is about appreciating the abundance of land surrounding them. Why have a big house when you could have lots of outdoor space instead? Every day is a new chance to teach their three sons the importance of creating a simple, sustainable lifestyle.

8:00am Family breakfast
10:00am Tending to the garden

taking life outdoorS

It’s never too late to change up your lifestyle. Rob and Rowena found balance by moving their family to an area where the outdoors was more of a focus. They grow their own vegetables, tend to their animals and make sure to squeeze in hiking or mountain bike riding when they can. Not only does this encourage them to appreciate the fresh air, but it is also a way of spending quality time together.

For Rob and Rowena, education about adopting the free range lifestyle is vital; through this, they hope to continue to inspire those around them to get out there.

12:00pm Hiking
3:00pm Mountain biking
rob & rowena Refuel with

Prosciutto wrapped chicken with vine tomatoes and chat potatoes

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