the man
by the sea
David Johnson

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free range

To David, the freedom of the outdoors is invigorating. Few feelings are better than the warmth of the sun on his skin as it rises on another day. Every morning without fail, David heads out into the fresh air to surf, swim or walk. The salty scent of the ocean gives his mind the opportunity to settle and provides him with an indescribable energy.

6:30am The day begins
7:30am Surf or swim

A glimpse into daily life

After a morning of surfing, swimming or pilates, David is always looking for more opportunities to spend time outdoors. Taking the dog for a coastal walk or tending to the garden leaves him feeling rejuvenated, and when he feels like taking a break, he’ll head to a park to read.

David’s liveliness is also due to his family. Sitting down to a free range roast chicken with vegetables surrounded by grandchildren is the perfect end to a busy day.

3:00pm Read in the sun
6:00pm Food and family
David refuels with

Harissa and dukkah roast chicken drumsticks

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