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For nearly 20 years, passionate Lilydale farmers have been perfecting free range farming based on one simple belief: chicken that's raised better, tastes better.

Today, our commitment to quality and to the welfare of our chickens is what sets us apart.

We work hard to raise Australia’s favourite free range chicken*. But that kind of devotion makes all the difference.

From our farm to your plate. Where the finest ingredients transform into memorable dishes.

Lilydale. Dedication you can taste.

*Omnipoll Nov 2019 Chicken Survey

Raised better, tastes better

When you’re passionate about food, you want the finest ingredients, because they just taste better. Our free range chickens are raised with care by dedicated Lilydale farmers on Lilydale farms. The result is succulent, tender chicken you’ll love to share.

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The Lilydale Promise

Lilydale free range chickens are raised on Lilydale farms by Lilydale farmers who are committed to producing premium quality produce. Once adequately feathered, our chickens can leave their barns and – weather permitting – access fenced outdoor range areas during daylight hours. Whilst many chickens are content with the comfort of a barn, on an average day, a proportion of the chickens will venture outside and return at their leisure. Various conditions can affect if, or how many, chickens choose to access the range areas and how long they stay outside.

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