If you have a question about Lilydale, please take a moment to read our FAQ below. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Are the chickens kept in cages whilst they are inside the sheds?

Absolutely not. Lilydale free range chickens have access to range areas adjacent to their barn or move around inside the barn.

Are Lilydale products Halal?

Yes, Lilydale chicken is Halal accredited by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. However, our value added products (Lilydale chicken which is marinated or seasoned) may include ingredients which may or may not be Halal certified.

Are the chickens given antibiotics?

Under the FREPA guidelines, growth promoting antibiotics are not permitted for use.

If chickens become ill and antibiotic treatment is required under veterinary direction, those birds will not be sold as free range.

FREPA allows the use of medications to prevent coccidiosis. These medications are used under veterinary direction.

All of our chicken meat meets the Australian government's stringent regulations for human consumption and this is confirmed by periodic testing of the meat for residues.

We care about the health and welfare of our chickens. Our dedicated veterinarians are responsible for ensuring the health of our chickens and for making all decisions relating to medication use. Our team takes the use of medications very seriously.

Are the chickens given growth promoting hormone?

No. Chickens in Australia are not given any growth promoting hormones. It has been illegal since 1967.

Are the chickens really free range?

Once fully feathered (around 21 days), Lilydale free range chickens, during daylight hours, have access to the outdoor range areas which include a variety of plants, shade huts as well as hay bales.

At night time and during extreme weather (hot or cold), they are housed in barns to keep them warm, comfortable and safe from predators.

Do other wild life or animals have access to the chickens?

The Lilydale free range chickens are kept in well-fenced range areas adjacent to their barns and our farmers are responsible for their safety and well-being when the chickens are outside. At night time, Lilydale free range chickens are housed in barns to keep them warm and safe from predators.

Do the chickens eat outdoors?

Lilydale free range chickens have access to outdoor range areas to forage amongst any natural vegetation which is available depending on the climatic conditions prevailing. Their feed is provided inside the barn and is available to them at all times during their life.

How do I know if the chicken I am buying is free range or not?

Lilydale free range chickens are sold with the Free Range Egg and Poultry Association (FREPA) logo. Lilydale farms are accredited by FREPA and are regularly audited during their life time to ensure they meet the required standards in free range chicken production.

There are a number of free range certification marks in the market. Lilydale believes in FREPA’s benchmark for farming free range meat chickens in Australia and follows them to produce Lilydale free range chicken.

Is there an accreditation body that independantly audits the farms?

All Lilydale farms are accredited by Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia Ltd. FREPA conduct audits on all farms annually.

We internally audit Lilydale farms quarterly to ensure the Lilydale high farming standards are met and maintained.

All Lilydale farms are also audited by SQF (Safe Quality Foods) a comprehensive food safety and quality management program for the entire food supply chain.

What are the chickens fed?

Our Nutritionists ensure that Lilydale free range chickens enjoy a balanced, nutritious diet comprising quality cereal grains (such as wheat and sorghum), protein meals and supplemented by vitamins, minerals and amino acids to achieve optimum health and well-being.

Does the diet include any GM ingredients?

At Lilydale, we have a policy to feed our free range chickens a nutritious, vitamin enriched diet that includes seeds, grains, peas and canola. In addition to the diet, the birds are free to forage for fresh grass during daylight hours. Currently we are unable to source all non-GM ingredients for Lilydale feed due to a range of factors including the source and seasonal nature of some crops used in components of the feed.

Where are Lilydale farms?

Lilydale farms originated in the Yarra Valley in Victoria and are now found in SA, NSW and WA.