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We’ve always been for the outdoors,
because we know it makes us better.
We weren’t meant to stay indoors;
we were made to get up and get out.
It makes us feel better, get better,
and yes, even look better.

Life tastes better.

So rediscover what we’ve always known:
that the great outdoors is really, really great.

Eat Better, Live Better

When you choose Lilydale, you’re choosing quality products that have been grown, farmed and produced in Australia. That means you can feel good about what you’re eating.

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Our farmers are committed to raising healthy free range chickens. They are passionate about farming and growing good quality produce.

The Lilydale Promise

Lilydale’s free range chickens are raised and tended to by Australian farmers committed to producing premium quality produce. Once adequately feathered, our chickens have the ability to leave their barns and – weather permitting – access fenced outdoor range areas during daylight hours. Whilst many chickens are content with the comfort of a barn, on an average day, a proportion of the chickens will venture outside and return at their leisure. Various conditions can affect if, or how many, chickens choose to access the range areas and how long they stay outside.

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