Tips for throwing a dinner party with minimal preparation

However, we know that not everyone has loads of spare time to dedicate to preparation. So, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to assist you with throwing a party that requires very little effort. From simplifying your table setting, to pre-batching drinks, and utilising our new chef inspired range of crumbed chicken tenders and schnitzels – our tips are all about ensuring convenient preparation and giving you more time to live free range.

Simplify Your Table Setting
Forget fine china and silverware, we like our dinner parties to be relaxed and humble. Keep things simple by making use of your everyday tableware and add thoughtful touches to other elements of your setting. The addition of fresh flowers from your garden, candles and a simple tablecloth can really elevate your event and wow your friends (without the need for much planning). If you like, string up a row of fairy lights to further enhance the mood. Cosy and casual is key.

Pre-Batch a Welcome Drink
Serving your guests a special drink on arrival is a wonderful way to set the tone for the evening. Something light and vibrant that will stimulate your guests’ appetites works well. Try preparing a refreshing blend of cucumber juice, lime, simple syrup and mint in advance. Just before everyone arrives, add ice and stir to combine. For the rest of the night, you can offer a self-serve selection of beverages. Simply pop a couple of options into ice buckets around your space and invite attendees to help themselves.

Consider Convenience
The table is set, your guests are enjoying chatting to each other and it’s time to think about food. With minimal time for planning beforehand, your meal needs to be convenient. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality. We recommend creating a simple chopped salad with seasonal vegetables, herbs and some extra virgin olive oil. It’s a quick-to-prepare, wholesome side dish. And for the main course? Our new range of crumbed schnitzels and tenders are the perfect solution. They’re highly convenient, easy to bake, and contain no preservatives or artificial colours and flavours. Available in ciabatta crumbherb and parmesanlemon and pepper, and mexican spiced, the range is baked not fried, made with Australian free range chicken breast and exclusively available at Coles. Spend time with your friends while your oven does the rest.

Take it Outdoors
Taking your dinner party outdoors (even just for part of it) is a great way to elevate your evening without the need for extra preparation. On a clear night, invite your guests to enjoy a walk around your garden for a spot of post-dinner stargazing. This will give you time to prepare dessert, while providing your guests with a nice interlude. If the weather isn’t on your side, you can still get outdoors. Consider dining in a covered alfresco area. Even if you don’t have an outdoor setting, you can get creative by placing floor cushions and versatile furniture around your space. Your friends will appreciate how intimate and thoughtful your event is.

Now that you know how to throw a dinner party with minimal preparation, it’s time to start writing your guestlist.

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