Entertaining Outdoors in Autumn

As we enter the transitional months for 2019, we welcome a cooler climate ideal for eating outdoors. In fact, the mild afternoons ahead of us often provide the perfect temperature for a feast in the open air, regardless of if you’re putting the tongs to use on the veranda or by the campsite.

So, next time you’re entertaining outside, try one of these delicious recipes cooked over the open grill or on the BBQ.

Cajun BBQ chicken thighs, quinoa, avocado and orange salad

There’s a certain nuance to creating a dish that’s fresh and zesty, while still keeping your guests content with something that’s filling, rich and hearty.

Our BBQ chicken thighs take a healthy dose of Cajun inspiration from Louisiana, USA, which is contrasted by the subtle hint of citrus. From fresh garlic, ground tumeric and Kecap Manis, you’ll find a myriad of striking flavours in the marinade, along with a subtle burst of freshness provided by the halved baby cucumbers and sliced lime. So, try this palate-pleasing salad that strikes the perfect balance between bold and refreshing.

Lemon and oregano chicken tenderloin skewers

Whether you’re hosting your own BBQ or making your way to another, share plates are a great way to get the conversation started — especially when they’re this delicious.

Our lemon and oregano chicken skewers are a breeze to make with everyday ingredients that’d you’ll likely find in your own pantry, and there’s a few simple tricks—like blanching the garlic cloves before blending—that’ll bring out this dish’s flavour profile to its fullest.

Indonesian chicken drumsticks

Cooking on the tried and tested BBQ makes almost everything just a little more mouthwatering. Why not make the most of that extra flavour by trying something more adventurous on the grill when you’re next entertaining outdoors?

Indonesian cuisine is known for a rich and unique taste, and the best part is it’s often relatively simple to recreate with ingredients you’d find at most supermarkets and local fruit & veg stores. To seal in those bright and bold notes, save some marinade and baste as the chicken cooks through.

BBQ piri piri butterflied chicken

Achieving such distinct flavours in your cooking doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be spending hours over the stove, nor does it mean you’ll need to waste time searching for obscure herbs or spices.

Butterflying your chicken cuts cooking time in half, while the easy-made marinade doesn’t sacrifice that classic piri piri taste most know and love. For extra cooking-cred at your next get-together, serve this grilled-to-perfection number with barbecued lemon wedges and freshly baked bread rolls — or, spend the spare time selecting a fine dry white to pair with this portuguese-inspired favourite.

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