6 Indulgent Burger Recipes

Brunch, lunch or dinner, the burger is a failsafe when it comes taming even the most demanding of appetites. As delicious as they are versatile, we’re making it easy to indulge at any time of the day with these six free range burger recipes.

Chicken Schnitzel Burgers with Avocado Smash 

A tasty alternative to heading out for brunch without compromising flavour, our schnitzel burgers are a delicious option for those loungey weekends at home and office lunches alike.

Get started with our Free Range Herb Ciabatta Chicken Schnitzels, then prep with those mid-morning ingredients we love and know so well — avo, feta, cucumber and a little citrus anyone? Serving with sweet potato fries makes this recipe indulgent enough to plate up a second helping, yet refreshing enough to eat as a meal for brunch.

Naked Chicken Burgers 

Low in carbs, big on taste, try the naked chicken burger for a healthy take on indulgence. Or, if the idea of a burger without buns doesn’t quite work for you, meet in the middle and place the ingredients between a fresh multigrain bread roll.

Fit for up to four, the made-from-scratch chicken patties are guaranteed to impress guests, while the homemade salsa is sure to add yet another element to your recipe repertoire.

From brunch to lunch, to dinner, gratify your desire to complete the burger trifecta with any (or all) of these evening options drawing reference from international cuisines.

Tuscan Chicken Burgers with Fennel Slaw 

Step up to the plate and try our Tuscan chicken burgers for a dinner done in just 20 minutes. Inspired by the Mediterranean, pick up our Tuscan Breast Steaks for a head start on the rich profile that pairs perfectly with the freshly-made fennel slaw.

Hot tip: Fire up the barbecue and cook on the open grill for a sealed-in, char-grilled texture.

Buffalo Chicken Burgers 

From the refined notes of the EU, across to the bold flavours straight out of the USA, our iteration of the Buffalo chicken burger is unapologetically mouthwatering.

Lilydale Free Range Thigh Fillets, blue cheese, blue cheese mayo, garlic, buffalo sauce… Need we say more? This recipe lets you steer the ship in terms of how little, or how much, you can fit between the seeded brioche buns. We wouldn’t recommend serving with anything other than a generous bowl of fries.

Korean Fried Chicken Burger 

Complete with cucumber kimchi, you can’t go wrong with the Korean fried chicken burger. Full of everything you’d hope to find, make this one as hot as you’d like then balance out the spice with a thumb of ginger, fish sauce and sesame oil.

This is a go-to for dinner parties. Add a full-bodied red wine and load up the karaoke machine to take the evening’s theme to another level.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger

The buttermilk fried chicken burger is the faithful favourite that should never be left out of a burger ‘best-of’ list.

Reminiscent of the tastiest fried chicken burger you’d ever had, from that place you can’t recall, our homage to the classic is a go-to for anyone chasing that traditional taste. Made with mayo, garlic and pickles, this is yet another that should be served with nothing but a side of fries.

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