Meals to Make When Entertaining

As we approach the halfway mark of 2019, we see the days getting shorter and the nights longer. The cooler month’s extended evenings provide the perfect opportunity for lengthy dinner party discussions and extended quips in the kitchen over wholesome, hearty meals that are sure to keep the conversations (and vinos) flowing.

So, get your evening started with our one pan roasted za’atar chicken drumsticks then work your way through these signature Lilydale recipes made for entertaining this May.

One Pan Roasted Za’atar Chicken Drumsticks

Show off your kitchen cred and get started with a plate or two of these drumsticks that’ll be passed around the table in no time.

Middle Eastern cuisine is often surprisingly easy to recreate at home, and with just 10 minutes preparation time, this is a great place to start if you’re wanting to show off your recipe repertoire. In the dish you’ll find a healthy selection of cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini and chickpea garnished with a little citrus and the always-refreshing coriander.

If you feel this is worthy as a main course, serve with flatbread and some homemade hummus.

One-Pan Chicken Pesto

It’s rare that a dish with the word ‘pesto’ in the title won’t please your guests. We’re putting a healthier twist on this one by baking in a single pan with a selection of roasted veggies.

If you’re cooking for a party of three or more, we recommend doubling up on the ingredients list so that everyone gets their fair share (trust us, there’ll be requests for seconds). Our one-pan chicken pesto only takes 15 minutes to prepare, while the half hour or so in the oven will leave you enough time to get back to the table and enjoy the last of the entree.

Rustic Moroccan Pie

The humble pie, but not as you know it. As tasty as it is unexpected, there’s a lot of flavour packed into this number.

We’ve used Medditerranean cuisine as the inspiration to create this pastry-laden, warming dish. You’ll find a mix of unashamed ingredients like tumeric, coriander, cumin and garlic coupled with Lilydale thigh fillets in the filling, all wrapped up in a fluffy layer of puff pastry. Pop it in the oven before guests arrive and serve slices as an entree, or make a second and plate as the main event.

Chicken and Eggplant Parmigiana

A family favourite that friends will love too, why not serve up the free range version of the parmigiana at your next dinner party?

From bocconcini to broccolini, you’ll find some surprising flavours in our rendition of a classic. For a slightly lighter option, we’ve switched out the ham for a layer of eggplant which pairs deliciously with the melted bocconcini and sauce — finally, serve with a fresh bread roll instead of chips or fries and you might just have room for dessert.

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