By Beck Lomas

Don’t think of your weekend as an excuse to not exercise.

We are all guilty of doing this – “But it’s the weekend!” you say, or “I’ve earned a couple of days of relaxation.”

While that may be true, it’s still really important for your health to move your body and stay active.

The beauty of the weekend is the fact that you have extra free time to be able to do the kinds of exercise that you wouldn’t usually have time to do during the week! In addition to this, once you make that time to exercise, you will feel energised and ready to tackle whatever the weekend brings!

Get outside! Go for a long walk or a hike, try swimming in the ocean or do some light yoga on the beach. You don’t have to do the same old boring exercise routine you always do – you have the time and freedom to be as creative as you like!

Organise your space

Who else hates coming home after a long day at work to a messy house? It causes unnecessary stress that could so easily be prevented, and drags you down, making you feel cluttered and unable to achieve other things which might be on your list.

Spending an hour or two every Sunday getting your house or apartment organised and clean can make such a huge difference to your entire week, and it means your week will be left free and clear for both relaxation and more outdoor pursuits!

When it comes to the big tasks like spring cleaning your wardrobe or other cupboards or storage spaces in your house, I like to limit these to one per weekend so the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

For instance, one weekend you may clean out your wardrobe, the next weekend you might clean your fridge, and so on. But write a lost, allocate the time and the day, and be sure to commit to completing the task!

Go for a big grocery shop and prep your meals for the week ahead.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the quote “failing to plan means planning to fail” and it’s true in every aspect of your life, even when it comes to eating well.

You would be surprised at how more structured and balanced your week will feel if you prep yourself some healthy meals in advance. Not only will you make more time available when you aren’t rushing around trying to prepare things daily, but you will have far more likelihood of eating fresh, healthy food. And when you save time with only one clean up after a successful cooking session, you can get outdoors again and use that time working on your health! So it’s definitely a win/ win.

I love to spend Sunday evening cooking up a storm in the kitchen so I can have everything separated out in containers and ready to go for the first half of the week.

Below are some easy meal prep ideas I love:


  • Chia pudding with fruit and nuts
  • Overnight oats


  • Crunchy Vietnamese chicken salad
  • Chicken rice paper rolls
  • Chicken and sweet potato burrito bowl


  • Japanese chicken and broccoli stir-fry
  • Pulled chicken and kaleslaw tacos

All of these ideas are easy to make and easy to transport if need be, they’re also healthy and balanced.

Plan out your week ahead

Everyone has only 168 hours available to them in a week, but you would be surprised at just how much more spare time you can create if you set yourself a simple plan.

A ‘day to page’ diary is perfect for this because you can fit absolutely everything in when you are planning out your week – plan ahead and you will save time planning!

I like to sit down and write out on a piece of paper all of my appointments, exercise plans and social plans for the week and then schedule them all in my diary so I know exactly what my week is going to consist of.

This really helps if you have deadlines you’re working towards, or if you are just a forgetful person in general. Having a clear and achievable plan, mapped out in front of you for easy access, will really help you to stay on top of things.


Finally, set yourself some goals

Big goals often seem insurmountable, but when you set yourself small goals throughout the week, you will stay focused and on track towards whatever your big goals may be.

For instance, let’s say that your big goal is fitness related (like losing a certain amount of kilos or participating in a marathon), then you might set small weekly goals for yourself to achieve this larger goal, such as exercising a certain amount of times during the week or running a certain number of kilometres.

In summary, it’s all about the planning. Make every hour in your week count and before you know it, you’ll be outdoors and enjoying this wonderful country more often than you realise! Being outdoors re-balances you, and helps you to shrug off the everyday chore of working or studying. Soaking up the sun gives you energy and vitamin D, and now that we are heading into summer, it’s time to make the most of those great.

Beck Lomas is a Melbourne-based health and fitness blogger. Growing up on the beautiful coast of NSW has led to her affinity for the beach and general love for the outdoors. Her dream is to see people achieve their health and fitness goals – and being a member of the Lilydale Free Range Tribe is helping her do this.