Equal parts acclaimed food writer and Australian treasure, Donna Hay’s globally published cookbooks, magazine columns, cooking programs and dedication to the culinary scene has improved the way we enjoy food for decades now. Joining Lilydale as an ambassador during 2018, we take a look back at some of our favourite free range recipes created by Donna.

Speedy salt, pepper and chilli roasted chicken

Donna Hay is known for her versatility with ingredients and flavours alike, and while we’ve seen a myriad of recipes—crossing a range of tastes and cuisines—sometimes the classics can’t be beaten.

Using Lilydale’s Whole Chicken, Donna’s iteration of the roast embraces an authentic flavour true to the name of the recipe with a mix of cracked pepper, Chinese spices and chilli flakes. With the savoury profiles balanced out by a refreshing combination of iceberg lettuce, fresh cucumber and citrus, this dish is best topped with a healthy serving of mayo to your taste.

Ginger chicken rice bowls

Donna’s recipe repertoire sources inspiration from near and far, and pairs perfectly with the versatility of Lilydale free range chicken.

These ginger chicken rice bowls are brimming with oriental influences between each element. You’ll find several nuanced notes throughout the rice base and ginger coriander dressing, while the sesame crumbed thigh fillets create a mix of textures in this zesty bowl that’s full of flavour and fresh ingredients.

Chilli and coconut poached chicken salad

Created with great taste and healthy choices in mind, Donna Hay’s chilli and coconut poached chicken salad brings a burst of bright aromas to the table, and profiles to the palate.

Poaching is a great way to seal in a well-rounded flavour in a relatively short time-frame, it’s also a lighter and healthier alternative to cooking with the frypan. Add one long green chilli for a bold flavour throughout the poaching liquid — for those after a little extra kick in their dish, add another half along with a dash of extra lime juice.

Buttermilk grilled chicken with zucchini salad

Donna’s recipes are known for their simplicity, without sacrificing style or taste. Her mouthwatering alternative to the tried and tested fried chicken is no exception.

Gratifying your desire for a serve of moreish fried chicken comes guilt free with this recipe. Avoid any deep frying and instead crumb and cook under the grill, then follow with a coat of buttermilk — this one’s best served with slaw and a light glass of natural red.

Miso grilled chicken skewers

Donna Hay’s recipes have a way of bringing people together; they’re always delicious and they’re often great for sharing, too. So, next time that invite requests a share plate, try something that’ll have the whole table talking.

No stranger to a spectrum of flavours, Donna channels a classic Japanese staple that can be found in a variety of dishes. Using miso as the hero with these grilled chicken skewers, you’ll find the gai lan and sesame seeds providing a refreshing balance to the dish.

Quinoa, chicken and kale fritters

Quinoa and kale have both been on-trend for a while now, and given how adaptable they are across cuisines, it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. They also taste absolutely delicious with chicken.

Donna Hay has capitalised on all of the above with her signature quinoa, chicken and kale fritters. Light, tasty and filling, plate these with the salad in the recipe or save several for lunch tomorrow and serve with a freshly baked bread roll for lunch — just make sure you bring extra for your colleagues in the kitchen.